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5 Things You Need To Add To Your 2017 Digital Marketing Plan

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Great article published in forbes created by Brian Rashid where he interviewed Guy Sheetrit, CEO of Over the Top SEO and he gave us this important tips that make a big change in or Companies and Marketing Strategies.



Many people have been speculating on what major search engines have in store for us this year. But we can confidently say that drastic changes are highly unlikely. SEO Teams will need to focus in content more than keywords.


Switching from "http" to "https

This will help a better positioning in Google but the most important will give to your visitor the safe and confidence of their information is secure and you care about it.



Many people are emphasizing the importance of video marketing for brand awareness and SEO for 2017. There's really no reason for any business to avoid doing video marketing, there are many tools for live and on-demand streaming you as owner or marketer can take advantage and place your brand in front of a huge audience.


Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is a pretty busy platform with a lot of different features. Most of their users are in the 18-34 age range. A lot of businesses have been taking advantage of this in order to spread their brand awareness. Why you should not take advantage too.


Desktop & Mobile UX

The importance to have a friendly interface for desktops and mobile will help the navigation experience and provide exactly to the visitor the information they need to be adapted to the device from they are navigating.

We can start working with you making these changes.

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