Wednesday, 06 April 2016 20:48

How Would You Advise A Brand New Business Owner Unfamiliar With Building A Business From The Ground Up Using Digital Marketing?

Written by Molly Youngblood Geiger
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If you are looking for a fast solution would recommend starting with a small AdWords budget and make sure you work with a Google Certified AdWords partner who will know how to protect your budget, target customers, create and monitor conversions.

Recommend starting with Social Media Marketing using a social sharing app which costs $10 a month. You will have to do the posts yourself but if you start posting to your social media channels about your business and your target market you will get known for this service. Please note though, this is a long term model however cost effective.

Other cost effective solutions would include creating short videos onto YouTube and make sure you include your service and city and state in the title.

i.e. Adult Care City State: (Name of Business) We Provide (Enter service)

by including the service, city and state, when someone types the service city and state into a Google search that video gets indexed and will serve as a organic result with an image which is better than just organic search which will not show an image.

Same is true with Google + Posts. Create posts on Google + With the title of your service, city and state and when those results are indexed if someone searches for this service in your local area there is a good chance the post will appear as search result.

One good point that was made is how much are you willing to pay for your clients, If you've got between $11 to $15 a day there is a piece of software that will bolster your business for Reviews, Business Listing Directories, and all the aforementioned items to boost your business.

Happy Digital Marketing!

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