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This is Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

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After reading a great article from Melanie Haselmayr, I was inspired to talk about mobile apps in combination with business, and why you should consider building a mobile app for your own company.

If you still think that mobile apps are exclusive for big brand name companies like Walmart or Bank of America, you are wrong. Nowdays more and more small and midsize businesses are taking advantage of the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy is not only a mobile friendly website.

It is a fact, you will notice more small businesses interact with your everyday life through their mobile apps; the corner coffee shop, your neighborhood spa or the sport bar where you hang out with your bodies. All these companies are ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level.

If at this point, you are still not sure about moving to a strong mobile marketing strategy. Here are the top seven benefits you should consider:

1. Be Visible to Customers at All Times

On average every American spends more than two hours a day on his or her mobile device. Being “in the way of your customer’ smartphone” can be an advantage to your company, as our mind unconsciously does record every image and text (or well-designed app icon!) it comes across — even if it happens unnoticed.

2. Create a Direct Marketing Channel

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers – including special sales and promotions – is right at their fingertips. Through push notifications you’re getting even closer to a direct interaction, and can easily remind customers about your products and services whenever it makes sense.

3. Provide Value to Your Customers

Talking about on-hand information, you can digitalize your loyalty program and instead of sticking to old program or punch cards. You can make it possible and generate more download of your app and more return customers to your business.

4. Build Brand and Recognition

A mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. I’d like to break this topic down into two aspects, the combination of which will make your app a true winner:

  • Brand. A mobile app is like this new digital billboard sign. You can do what you want with it; you can make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative. But the best is make an app with features your customers love it.
  • Recognition. The more often you can get customers involved with your app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product and/or service. In advertising this is called the “effective frequency”

5. Improve Customer Engagement

No matter whether you are selling spa services or fish tacos, your customers need a way to reach you. Think in features that help customers to make it easier like table reservation, appointments, tip calculator, etc.

6. Stand Out From the Competition

Be the first in your neighborhood to offer a mobile app to your customers, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors.

7. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Last, but not least, the most important reason why you should consider building your own mobile app is customer loyalty. With all the noise out there — roadside banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, website banners, Facebook ads, and email marketing. Your mobile app can be a way of staying closer to your customers, and being just a “fingertip” away at all times.

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