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This space has been created to share basic and important information with who belive Internet is a fast and effective option to marketing businesses, getting result almost inmediately.

Our intention is to share part of the road, we as digital marketeers had walked and make in some way easier your beging.

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Columnist Pauline Jakober discusses what she believes will be big in paid search in 2016, with a look back at some of this past year's biggest developments.

These are three specific areas in paid search that advertisers should definitely consider in 2016...

Monday, 03 August 2015 16:17

How Search Works?

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A lot of people ask me, How is my website pick up by the search engines and the show as an result? Searching  for a better explanation I found this great video from Google that explains in esay words the process and will help you to start your knowledge road of SEO.

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