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Rigid Signs

Rigid Coroplast is typically used for yard, parking, real estate, and election signs. They are waterproof. If utilizing H-Stakes, place your Rigid Coroplast order with the flutes vertical. Finish Options: Gromments ( 4 corners or top corners only) and H-stake

  • Coroplast 4mm
  • Coroplast 10mm

Aluminum signs are .040" thick, and have a raw, mill finish on both sides. It is our most durable sign and is ideal for long-term, outdoor use. These signs come with 3/4" radius round corners and white ink is an option for enhanced color reproduction. Finish Options: White mask front.

  • .040 Aluminun 12”X 18”
  • .040 Aluminun 18”X 24”
  • .040 Aluminun 24”X 36”

Rigid Foamcore is typically mounted on an easel for presentations or can be used for signs, posters, etc. It is made of a relatively delicate material and is best for one time use; it can last longer with proper care. This product is not waterproof.

  • Foamcore 3/16”

Our 3mm (1/8") PVC Material is a smooth, bright white rigid plastic that is lightweight, yet very durable and weather resistant. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and have a low-glare, matte appearance. Finish Options: Gromments (all corners or top corners only) or Round Corners

  • PVC 3mm

Rider signs are designed to sit atop or "ride" a standard Coroplast sign and are attached with metal pins. They are available as a horizontal orientation with vertical flutes. Finish Options: Rider Clips

  • Rider Signs – Coroplast 12”x 4”
  • Rider Signs – Coroplast 12”x 6”
  • Rider Signs – Coroplast 18”x 4”
  • Rider Signs – Coroplast 18”x 6”
  • Rider Signs – Coroplast 24”x 4”
  • Rider Signs – Coroplast 24”x 6”

Other size available

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